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                تقنية الاسوار للمقاولات-ميكانيك-كهرباء

تقتيات المياه​

    Alaswar T.C.L Mechanical - Electricity - Water consumption

   1. Installed desalination units to government departments and the private sector under the supervision of engineering staff has  long experience in the field work of monument complex    filter with alone desalination Mnleom to the Organization of humanity.

   2. Monument alone filter with alone desalination Arrow Organization (BBC RTR) for several projects in the southern provinces.

   3. Monument alone desalination capacity of 10 m 3 for the Turkish company Ajersan site in Nasiriyah and Maysan site.

​​   4. Rehabilitation Complex in the district of Abu Hassan Rumaitha.

   5. Processing and irrigation department alone desalination of Nasiriyah.

   6. Monument alone desalination Marine Regiment oil protection.

   7. Processing unit and desalination capacity of 15 m3 an hour to free international company in Samawa.
   8. Water processing plants for the Southern Oil Company.
   9. Processing unit in the district of Batha Department of Water Nasiriyah.
  10. Installation and processing unit with the filtering and desalination unit in AL-Hussein Hospital, the educational.
  11. Installation and water processing plants, hospital Haboubi year.

 12. Maintenance and rehabilitation of water with a complex unit in the Directorate of Water Desalination of Dhi Qar.
  13. Installation and manintenance of water purification plant in the village of Crahna in Gharraf.
  14. Processing and water desalination unit in the roads and bridges of Dhi Qar.
  15. Processing water desalination plant to Al Fao General of the state road projects.
  16. Processing and desalination plant maintenance for one year to the Department of Irrigation and puncture Maysan.

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