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Alaswar T.C.L

                تقنية الاسوار للمقاولات-ميكانيك-كهرباء

تقتيات المياه​

    Alaswar T.C.L Mechanical - Electricity - Water consumption

Tel: 00964 780-495-0329

    +964 782.272.5341

Our company was founded in 2009. It is registered with the ministry of planning and classified "Fifth Degree" with specialization of "Constructional, Mechanical and Electrical Work" according to the registration card of Iraqi contractors.
​Alaswar L.C.T was founded to carry out integrated business core in oil, gas, electric renewable and new energy based on strong commercial principles both inside and outside the country, Alaswar L.C.T  strives to provide the best and a real contribution to the welfare of the country in utilizing every potential of Iraq.

Alaa Taher 
Manager/Owner of Alaswar T.C.L in Iraq 
Tel: +964 782 272 5341